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ESD table mats and accessories

SN150 en SN157 series table mats

  • synthetic rubber table mat 2 mm thickness, grey or beige colored
  • dissipative, lightly structured top layer and conductive bottom layer
  • heat resistant, safe for working with solder iron
  • table mat sets with rounded corners and cables, or on roll
  • table mat sets dim. 60x90 or 60x120 cm, rolls dim. 100 cm x 10 m

SN600-WP series grounding plugs

  • for connection of grounding cables to wall socket ground pin
  • with 2 pcs. 10 mm male stud and one pce. M5 post for eyelet
  • other connections available, e.g. banana socket or 4 mm male stud
  • with 1 MΩ built-in safety resistance

SN600 series grounding cables and snap fasteners

  • black PU cable with 3m length for grounding of table- and floormats
  • top-covered 10 mm female stud to 5 mm eyelet
  • built-in safetey resistance 1MΩ
  • chrome plated snap fasteners male stud, set of 10 pcs, for easy fastening in a table- or floormat

Field Service kit "grounding" SN158-FSK1

  • static dissipative vinyl, red, 600 x 600 mm
  • rounded corners with sewn border
  • double pocket for storing tools
  • including OneTouch wrist band with coil cord
  • including grounding button and ground cord

Ionisation equipment

Compact benchtop ionizing blower DC2451

  • to be used on or above the table top
  • steplessly variable fan speed
  • ion balance 0V +/- 10V
  • discharge time 1000-100V at 300 mm: < 2 sec.
  • 12W / 12VDC, 230V adaptor included

Overhead ionizing blower DC2452

  • suited for use above the work bench or packing table
  • with 2 or 3 fans, steplessly variable fan speed
  • ion balance 0V +/- 10V
  • discharge time 1000-100V at 450 mm: < 3 sec.
  • 25W / 12VDC, 230V adaptor included

Other products for the E.P.A.

EPA boundry floor tape

  • for marking the ESD protected area (EPA) on the floor
  • durable selfadhesive PVC tape, roll of 33 m x 5 cm
  • yellow with black printing “ESD protected area” and ESD-symbol

EPA Attenton sign

  • to indicatie the entrance of the ESD protected area (EPA)
  • sturdy PVC material for wall mounting, dim. 300 x 600 mm
  • yellow with black printing of caution text and ESD-symbols
  • also available as selfadhesive plastic sticker

ESD safe desk chair

  • professional ESD-safe chair with dissipative grey fabric and back shell
  • polished anti-scratch aluminum base with five ESD caster wheels
  • available in standard and extended height version
  • adjustable sitting height and back rest angle
  • optional arm rests and chrome-plated footring (extended height version)
  • meets IEC 61340-5-1

Other products for use in the EPA:

  • wrist strap- and ESD-footwear test equipment
  • static field- and surface resistance measuring equipment
  • ESD-safe containers for storing and transport of PCBoards
  • contamination control mats (‘sticky mat’)
  • adhesive copper tape, for connecting dissipative floor covering
  • ESD cleaning products and dissipative floor wax
  • ESD-safe office equipment like ballpoint pens and scissors