Price sheet

Other types available upon request

ESD grounding

ESD wrist strap

SN6100-301 wrist strap with coil cord
  • polyester elastic adjustable wrist band
  • woven-in stainless steel/nickel fiber
  • 2 m. coil cord with 1 MΩ resistor
  • banana plug with alligator jaw adaptor
  • color of band and cord: light blue
  • clean room compatible

ESD heel and toe grounders

SN6100-601 heel grounder
  • for use on all forms of ESD flooring
  • black dissipative rubber heel strap
  • Velcro closing band, for use on all types of shoes
  • 43 cm. skin contact strap with 1 MΩ resistor
Note: a heel grounder on each foot is recommended