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Personal grounding

ESD wrist straps

SN6100-301 wrist strap with coil cord

  • polyester elastic wrist strap, adjustable
  • woven-in stainless steel/nickel thread
  • 2 m. coil cord with 1 MΩ resistance
  • banana plug with alligator clip adapter
  • color of band and cord: light blue
  • cleanroom compatible, washable

SN6100-WSOT textile wrist strap

  • textile wrist strap, adjustable, allergy-free
  • woven-in stainless steel/nickel thread
  • with ‘One Touch’ closing for easy release
  • with 4 mm male stud connection
  • color grey with red accents, washable

SN6100-SI-110 metal wrist strap

  • stainless steel, black coated wrist strap, adjustable
  • very durable and comfortable
  • with 4 mm male stud connection
  • band length 16.5 cm (stretchable)

SN6100 series wrist strap coil cords

  • durable coil cords 1.5 or 1.8 m length (stretched)
  • PU black, with built-in safety resistance 1 MΩ
  • 4 mm female snap to 10 mm female snap, length 1.5 m
  • 4 mm female snap to banana plug, length 1.8 m

ESD grounding

SN6100-601 heel grounder

  • to be used in the EPA on dissipative flooring
  • black, dissipative rubber heel band, two-sided usable
  • velcro closing, suited for all types of shoes
  • 43 cm. skin contact-strip with 1 MΩ safety resistance
  • the use of heelgrounders is recommended for both shoes

SN6100-WL005 heel grounding strips

  • to be used in the EPA on dissipative flooring
  • self adhesive strip black/yellow, easy to use
  • polyester, non-marking, with built-in safety resistance
  • packed with 100 pcs. (10 sheet of 10 strips)
  • one strip for each shoe is recommended

SN6100 series ESD shoe cover

  • to be used in the EPA or cleanroom on dissipative flooring
  • light blue non-woven material, with elastic band
  • cleanroom-compatible, washable, reusable
  • packed with 10 pcs. in a plastic bag
  • also available with hooks for automatic dispenser

Automatic shoe cover dispenser

  • aluminum step-in case for 50 shoe covers with hooks
  • convenient for visitors of the EPA or cleanroom
  • top side opens for easy re-fill
  • dim. 455 x 235 x 165 mm (lxwxh)

ESD labcoats

  • polyester/cotton coats with woven-in conductive thread
  • in conformity with ESD-standard IEC 61340-5-1
  • long and short model, in white, light blue or dark blue
  • ESD symbol stitched on chest pocket, company logo possible
  • available in sizes XS - 5XL, mens’ and womens’ models