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Desoldering Braid Dispenser

Eliminates Finger Burns and Waste


A compact desoldering braid dispenser for printed circuit board repair and related work that enhances worker safety, increases productivity, and reduces waste is available from Xuron Corporation of Saco, Maine.

The Xuron® WickGun™ Desoldering Braid Dispenser is a handy tool that lets users dispense, position and cut-off braid using one hand; freeing the other to hold the soldering iron. Eliminating finger burns and waste while allowing faster desoldering, it has a thumbwheel for advancing and retracting braid and a trigger for cutting it off when saturated.

Featuring easy to install cassettes, preloaded with 15 feet (4.6 meters) each of rosin coated copper braid in four sizes from .035″ (.89 mm) to .110″ (2.79mm) wide, the Xuron® WickGun™ Desoldering Braid Dispenser is ESD safe and REACH and RoHS compliant. This tool is capable of speeding desoldering by a factor of five and cutting braid waste by 50%. It is ideal for assembly rework, field service repair, and hobbyists.

Prices of the WickGun™ dispensers and cassettes can be viewed here.

You can watch a video of the WickGun™ over here and on Xuron’s YouTube Channel.

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