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Product range


Electronic components

Starfields’ is specialized in delivery from stock of a broad selection of passive electronic components like sockets, headers, terminal blocks and leds. Also a variety of glass fuses and quartz crystals can be supplied from stock.

Production and packing

Starfields’ also offers production aids and equipment for electronics assembly: cutting- and bending machines, temporary solder resists (tape, dots, liquid solder mask), desoldering braid and hand tools like cutters and pliers. For safely packing your static sensitive electronic products a large variety of ESD bags is available.

Special components

On your behalf we can search for one-on-one equivalents for existing electronic components, which often results in a significant saving on your costs of purchase. Also we can accomodate your demand for non-standard electronic components, e.g. pin headers with special dimensions.

Cable assemblies

In cooperation with specialized manufacturers, we can supply all kinds of cable assemblies, in accordance with your technical specifications. Different types of low-current connection cords like e.g. flat cable, coax-cable or USB-cable assemblies. The ordering quantity starts normally with 500 or 1,000 pieces, depending of the type of cable assembly you need.

Our goal

Starfields’ continually is in pursuit of supplying good-quality products for a fair price. In spite of the fact that our prices in many cases are very competative, the products we supply have a reliable and reproducable quality. For all products which are not available from stock, we will make a strict agreement with the customer with regard to the lead time of the product and, subsequently, we will do the utmost to live up to this agreement. A satisfied customer is our ultimate goal.