Production Tools E.S.D.

Production Tools / E.S.D.

Production Tools

Starfields’ supplies a variety of special tools and production aids for the electronics workshop, like e.g. handheld cutting end forming tools (Xuron USA), cutting- and bending equipment for electronic components (Olamef Italy), temporary solder resists (liquid soldermask, polyimid tape) and high-quality solderwick.

ESD-safe packing bags

For the ESD-safe packing of static sensitive electronic devices, Starfields’ offers metalized ESD shielding bags (with or without a ziplock closure) and moisture barrier bags (which will keep any humidity out) in a variety of sizes. The bags are sealable, competatively priced and in conformity with IEC 61340-2-3.

Personal ESD-protection

For the personal ESD-protection of your employees we can offer wrist straps (metal and washable textile), heelstraps, ESD-coats, as well as testing equipment for wrist straps and ESD footwear.

ESD-safe environment

To create an ESD-Protected Area (E.P.A.) within you electronics workshop, we offer electrical dissipative table- and floormats, as well as grounding equipment, ESD-safe chairs, cleaning (sticky) mats, testing equipment, ionisation equipment and specialized cleaning products. Furthermore we can supply dissipative containers and metal wireshelf systems for ESD-safe storage and internal transportation.

Our goal: high quality and fast delivery for a competative price

Starfields’ continually is in pursuit of supplying high-quality products with an optimum price/quality ratio. Not withstanding the fact that much of our products are priced very competatively, we offer a reliable and reproducable quality. All our suppliers are commited to the use of materials which are in conformity with the RoHS directive and which do not originate from conflict areas (DRC conflict-free materials).